Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky Science Kit

Spooky Science Kit

I made this Spooky Science Kit for my son's Science teacher. Not only is she a great Science teacher she is also another mom to my kids. They have spent many a summer at her house, we have boys the same age, and we have sat through years and years of basketball games together. 

How I made it.

I bought the silver platter, glittered skull and huge spider at the dollar store. I save small bottles from spices, pills, etc.. Bought the corks from Lowe's and used the craft supplies stashed in my craft room.

  • For the skull I took a tea light and an Exacto knife and traced around the top of the skull. Then scooped out the Styrofoam until the tea light fit in snug. 
  • I picked coordinating paper and labels I found on the internet. You can find some great FREE clip art at
  • Wrapped the bottles in beads strung through wire, hemp string and ribbon and added a few charms.. 
  • For the glitter tops and Unicorn horn (shell) -Use Mod Podge or Fabri-Tac permanent Adhesive and glitter. 
  • Flock covered rocks (up front). I love using flock. It's not only pretty but feels good. I found that using the Fabri-Tac is the best when flocking/glittering objects like rocks, marbles, and glass. 
  • The spiders hat is made using the top of one of the jars, a circle of paper and 1 piece of metallic scarry cat confetti. I used the Fabri-Tac to adhere the glitter then glued on the cat.
  • I filled the bottles with metallic confetti, twigs and green packaging material. Whatever you have on hand.
  • After I figured out where I was going to place everything I used the Fabri-Tac and glued them all in place. I used some green floral wire to place the spider so that he hovered over the jar and then glued/tacked some of his legs in place.

Package it up in one of those bags, I bought my bag at the Dollar store. Add a card, and some pipe cleaners and there you go. A Spooky Science Kit for your favorite science teacher.

Let me know what you think. If you make this project or use it to inspire you to make something else let me know, send me a pic. I will post your pic. Happy Crafting!!!

I mentioned Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive a few times. It really is my go to glue/adhesive when I want something to really stick. Thought I would add a pic just in case you didn't know what it is. 

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