Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas theme wall Hangings

Christmas Themed Wall Hangings

Check out my new project that I'm working on.

Today I started making some Christmas wall hangings.
I saw this cute ornament @ Leslie Ashe's blog.
It's a really cute blog, check it out.

Under the Table and Dreaming,
another really cute blog, worth checking out.

I wanted to incorporate both looks so...

I bought flat canvases at Wall Mart - 3 for $9
My husband added wood strips to the back at different heights. 1 @ 1" & 2 @ 2". I painted them Robin Eggs Blue. Then stamped them with white craft ink and 2 different snowflake designs and 1 circle stamp from Stamp'n Up.

Then I cut 2 1/4" strips from 12" wide paper, scored 1 score line at 1/4", and then 1/2" increments. Folded them with a bone folder to make a square, glued them with tacky glue. Then lined them up.

The Christmas Tree stem is 4" long. The bottom of the tree is 12" wide, shorten by 1/2" for each strip after that, for 18 square tubes. Add a 2" ribbon, buttons and a star.

For the present stamp the circles on the blue canvas. Then make 15 square tubes, I chose metallic gold paper. Add 2" silver ribbon and a simple knot and a bell at the top. Add different buttons to the button to finish the look.

Tomorrow I will make the last canvas, it will be a Christmas ornaments.

Happy Holidays.

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