Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Flower Thank You pop out box with flower topper.

Box pop out Thank-you cards for teachers.

I made these at the end of the school year for the teachers. First I made a box template ( sorry don't have the template for you. If you are interested though I will make a new one and post). Then added different papers and die cut embellishments. I had little bottles that I saved. I punched a punch of paper flower and filled the bottles with them then decorated the bottle. 

Close up view. Not very clear, sorry.

Next I made the flowers using the above items and a punch from Stamp'n Up. Punch out 1 circle and 10 petals. Use the ink pads to add colors, the circle is just the brown color.  I just pressed my paper into the ink.  Use your dry stencil pen to mark veins in your leaves, also crinkle them up in your hand to add interest. Use your glue to layer the first 5 petals unto the circle using the "tab" on the petal to as your guide. Place the petal so that just the tab is on the circle. Then, layer the second 5 so that the bottom 5 tips show through. Using your crystal effects glue place a glob of glue in the middle of the circle. Spread it around evenly. Place your seed beads in a spiral pattern starting in the middle and working your way out. your done.

To make the Peony flower I used the same technique. 1 circle and lots of "petal" punches. Use a soft yellow stamp pad to add the color. Now crinkle all your petals, the more the better. Start adding your petals to your circle 5 at first. Next layer add 5 more. Keep this up to you get the fullness that you want. When I got to the end of my layers I really crinkled those leaves (see picture above) also I added a touch of green to the bottom of the petal. Next step: add a glob of crystal effects glue to the middle, do not spread, place a small amount of green seed beads, add more glue if needed to keep beads in place. Now you have a peony flower.

Make your box top, add your flower and embellish box. Your done! A gift for anyone you would like to say thanks to.

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