Friday, October 26, 2012

Peace Canvas

Peace Canvas made for my daughter Eliza who likes everything rainbows and peace signs.

  • Needed to complete this project:
    • 1 canvas panel 16"x20" 
    • Black paint
    • Chipboard letters - I used 5 different font types. If you don't have chipboard letters and have a Cricket use your Cricket to cut out letters on chipboard or thick cardboard. 
    • Stamp'n Up chipboard owls, leaves, dots, flowers and hearts.
    • crayons
    • small iron or quilters seam iron. 
    • circle and full circle stamp about 1 1/4"
    • Mod Podge
    • Sponge paint brush.
I bought my chipboard letters and figures from Stamp'n Up a few years ago. They do not sell these sets anymore as far as I can tell. You can buy chipboard letters and such from scrapbook stores and craft stores. 

  • Using your black paint, paint your canvas. I painted it twice. Set aside and let dry.
  • Now it's time to melt your crayons over your chipboard pieces. Pick out the colors you want to use or use the colors I did. The choice is yours. 
    • I will be posting a video on how I do this "crayon melt" technique. But basically you take the crayon you want to use and peel the paper off. Cover your work area with paper, I just used lined school paper. For every color you are going to need a new sheet of paper, you don't want to melt the colors together. Set your small iron or quilters iron to medium. Carefully, and I cannot stress this enough, carefully melt the crayon over 1 letter at a time. Once your letter is covered carefully, again very carefully, make sure that the whole letter is covered sides and all. Again I will be posting a video of this technique.
      • the crayon dries almost immediately and is cool enough to pick up as soon as it is solid looking. I picked mine up and carefully went over it again with the quilter's iron  making it sure the sides were covered.
    • Now cover your chipboard figures the same way.
    • Set your crayoned letters and figures to the side and grab your mod podge. 

  • Using a big foam brush smear mod podge all over your black canvas. I like to go in different to add a bit of texture. Let your glue set for about 10-15 minutes then take your stamps and press them into the mod podge, I gave my filled circle stamp a little twist, I think it works better that way.

  • Let your mod podge dry for for an hour or so. I let my dry overnight because I had to cook dinner. Once it's dry use your mod podge to glue the letters and figures in place. I just gooped on the glue front and back then place them on the canvas. Again, wait 10-15 minutes so that your letter/figures can set, then add a bunch of mod podge again all over sealing around your letters and figures. stamp some more circles let it dry and your done.

Note: If your like me and don't finish the project in 1 day, you can use the same sponge brush, just put it in a baggy or rap it in saran wrap and put it in the fridge.

If you make this project same or not please post a picture. I would love to see what you came up with.

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